A.   From Sidewalks:
      1.   Duty Of Occupant: The occupant of every building fronting upon any street or avenue, and the owner of any unoccupied lot fronting upon any street shall clean the sidewalk in front of the building or unoccupied lot of snow and ice by nine o'clock (9:00) P.M. of each day, and cause the same to be kept clean of snow and ice. (Ord. 94-20, 12-19-1994)
      2.   City Removal: In all cases where snow and ice are not removed from sidewalks within the time and in the manner as provided in this section, it may be removed by authorized city personnel, and the necessary expenses thereof, along with an administrative fee as established by the city's fee schedule, shall be chargeable against the abutting property. (Ord. 94-20, 12-19-1994; amd. Ord. 2007-30, 1-7-2008, eff. retroactive to 1-1-2008)
      3.   Assess Costs, Lien:
         a.   Each year a list shall be made and filed in the office of the city clerk, of the property so chargeable and assessed, against each lot and tract separately, stating the owner's name so far as known.
         b.   The city clerk shall give notice by publication in the official newspaper of the hearing and confirmation of such report and assessment notifying all persons objecting to appear and present their objections, such notice to be published once in each week for two (2) consecutive weeks.
         c.   At a regular meeting of the council, or at such meeting as the hearing and confirmation of such assessment will be adjourned to, the council shall take up and consider such assessment and shall hear any objection, and after revising and correcting the same, if necessary so to do, shall approve and confirm the same.
         d.   The city clerk shall attach to such list a certificate that it is true and correct as confirmed by the council, and shall file such assessment list in the city clerk's office. The assessment with interest and penalty shall be a lien upon the property upon which the assessment is levied from the time the assessment list is approved by the council, and shall remain a lien until fully paid, and no mistake in the description of the property or in the name of the owner shall obviate such lien, provided the property assessed can be identified by the description in such assessment list. Such assessment shall be certified to the county auditor by the city clerk to be spread upon the assessment list of the city and collected with the taxes.
         e.   The city attorney shall, at the direction of the council, bring suit in the name of the city in any court of competent jurisdiction to recover the cost of said removal from the owner or occupant of any property abutting on which walks were cleared.
   B.   Depositing Snow On Streets: No person engaged to move, blow or plow snow upon or off of any private property or city right of way within the city shall cause or permit any of the snow so removed, blown or plowed to be deposited upon any street within the city. The prohibition contained herein shall apply to the occupants of any such property, their agents, employees or independent contractors. The occupants of the premises or the persons requesting the snow to be removed or the persons who are actually removing the snow shall make suitable arrangements to deposit the removed snow in some place other than upon the city streets and snow shall not be piled so as to interfere with the vision of motorists approaching any intersection. Other than from adjacent sidewalks and driveways, no snow shall be placed upon the boulevards. (Ord. 94-20, 12-19-1994)