A.   Regulation: Utility and street improvements which benefit real estate in the city shall conform to the regulations of this section. Utility and street improvements include the following facilities: storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water mains, street surfacing, curb and gutter, sidewalk, site drainage, bikepaths, streetlights, cluster box units and driveway approaches and sewer and water connections from city mains to property lines and within easements dedicated for public improvements.
   B.   Specifications And Supervision: All improvements or utilities installed shall be in accord with the specifications approved by the city engineer and shall be done under the supervision of the city engineer or authorized personnel approved by the city engineer.
   C.   Installation By City; Bond: Any person desiring to have utility and street improvements installed may request the city to install them, subject to the approval and authorization thereof by the city council and as authorized by state law. If so approved by the city council, the person requesting the installation of said utility and street improvements shall supply a bond approved by the city, running to the city, guaranteeing payment of a minimum of thirty percent (30%) of the cost of the utility and street improvements requested or such other higher percent of cost that may be established by the city council as reasonable and necessary to insure that the costs of the utilities and street improvements requested are properly secured and paid. The bond to be supplied the city shall be payable on such terms and conditions as found by the city council to be reasonable and necessary to ensure that the costs of the improvements are properly secured and paid. No utilities or street improvement shall thereafter be installed until the person requesting the same shall provide the bond as set out above or in lieu thereof shall pay to the city in cash or guarantee by an irrevocable letter of credit or its equivalent satisfactory to the city an amount equal to a minimum of thirty percent (30%) of the costs of the utility and street improvements or equal to such higher percent as may be established by the city council as reasonable and necessary.
   D.   Exceptions To Bond Requirements: The provisions of subsection C of this section shall not apply to either:
      1.   Trunk infrastructure, as defined within the respective specifications established by the engineering department.
      2.   An order for an improvement by the city council on its own initiative with a vote of four-fifths (4/5) of the full membership thereof, without the petition of the property owners.
   E.   Assessment: The amount of the special assessments to be assessed against the property for the utility and street improvements shall be in accord with state law.
   F.   Installation By Private Owners: Any persons may design or design and install utility and street improvements at their own expense without resort to the use of the special assessments procedure authorized by law provided plans and specifications for the utility or street improvement are submitted to the city, and when required submitted to the proper officials of other regulatory authorities, for examination and approval. Design and installation by private owners must comply with city ordinance, policy and specifications. (Ord. 2016-15, 8-22-2016)