A.   Nuisance Declared: The emission of dense smoke containing soot, ashes, cinders, dust or other solid substances or pungent, obnoxious or disagreeable odors in a sufficient quantity to permit the deposit of soot or other substances or which is dense enough to form a cloud which cannot be seen through clearly, from any smokestack, chimney or discharge pipe from any burning device, is a public nuisance.
   B.   Persons Responsible: No person owning, operating, or in charge or control of any furnace, locomotive, stationary engine or other burning device, shall cause or permit the emission of smoke as described in this Section from the smokestack, chimney or discharge pipes of any such furnace, locomotive, stationary engine or other burning device.
   C.   Enforcement: The Council may, by motion, delegate to any regular officer or employee of the City the duty of enforcing this Section, and shall provide such instrument, books, papers, equipment and service as shall be necessary to enable such person to properly perform his duties and enforce this Section, including seeking a court order directing the persons responsible under subsection B of this Section to immediately cease and desist the declared nuisance. (Ord. 256; amd. 1967 Code §62.21)