A.   General: No person shall make, aid, countenance or assist in making any improper noises or disturbances, or to commit any act which would disturb the peace and quiet of the community, constitute a nuisance or offend community sensibilities to the degree that a breach of the peace results. (Ord. 188; amd. 1967 Code §62.01)
   B.   Intoxicated Persons; Disorderly Conduct: Whoever does any of the following in a public or private place, knowing or having reasonable grounds to know that it will, or will tend to, alarm, anger or disturb others or provoke an assault or breach of the peace, is guilty of disorderly conduct which is a misdemeanor:
      1.   Engages in brawling or fighting; or
      2.   Loiter, loaf or misbehave or be guilty of any boisterous or disorderly conduct in or near any public buildings, institutions of learning, or any lawful public assembly of persons or in any way or manner disturb the study or work of persons therein or disturb an assembly or meeting not unlawful in its character; or
      3.   Engages in offensive, obscene or abusive language or in a boisterous and noisy conduct tending reasonably to arouse alarm, anger or resentment in others 1 . (1987 Code)
   C.   Riots: No person shall make or assist in any riot or disturbance, or engage in any disorderly, indecent, immoral or insulting conduct, language or behavior, or be in a state of intoxication on the streets or elsewhere in the city; and no persons shall collect in bodies or crowds in the city for unlawful purposes, to the annoyance of the citizens or travelers. (Ord. 188; amd. 1967 Code §62.06)



1. MSA §609.72.