A.   Purpose: In the interest of promoting public health, safety and welfare, the city does hereby enact this section governing and regulating the outside storage of firewood within the city.
   B.   Storage Restrictions:
      1.   Firewood shall be stored in a compact and orderly fashion so as not to constitute a hazard to adjacent buildings or property and to endanger the public health; all firewood shall be stored or stacked up off the surface of the ground.
      2.   Stacks of wood in the open shall not exceed six feet (6') in height and shall not be located less than five feet (5') from a boundary line.
      3.   There shall be no front yard or front lot storage of firewood in the city, provided that this subsection shall not prevent businesses that sell firewood from displaying firewood to the public in a manner that is deemed necessary for said business purposes, as long as said storage and display does not violate any of the other provisions of this section. (Ord. 702, 12-3-1979)