A.   General: Minnesota rules parts 7005.0700 to 7005.0820, inclusive, relating to open burning and the issuance of permits for open burning, as such rules may be from time to time amended, supplemented or replaced, are hereby adopted by reference and are made a part of this code as if fully set forth herein. The city fire department shall accept applications and issue open burning permits within the city in accordance with the terms and conditions of Minnesota rules part 7005.0760, as such rules may be from time to time amended, supplemented or replaced.
   B.   Permitting The Open Burning Of Dried Leaves In Oakport Subdivision: In accordance with Minnesota statutes 116.082, open burning of leaves shall be permitted between the period of September 15 and December 1. Pursuant to subsection A, "General", of this section, applicants will have to obtain an open burning permit prior to burning dry leaves. Limits and conditions shall be enforced to minimize air pollution and fire danger and any other hazards or nuisance conditions. If the fire department deems that these conditions present a hazard and/or nuisance, the permit can be retracted. No open burning of leaves shall take place during an air pollution alert, warning, or emergency declared by the city of Moorhead fire department. (Ord. 2016-06, 2-22-2016)