3-3-3: WEEDS:
   A.   Removal: Every owner or occupant of land or, if the land is unoccupied, the owner or resident agent, shall cut down, destroy or eradicate all weeds as defined by the laws of the State and grasses standing or growing upon such lands, in such manner and at such times as may be directed or ordered by a City authorized weed inspector. Any land, with the lesser of thirty percent (30%) or more of its grass, vegetation, and weed growth above the height of eight inches (8"), or with an area of two hundred fifty (250) contiguous square feet or greater of weeds or grass exceeding the height of eight inches (8"), will be considered in violation of this section unless the property is operating under an approved land management plan as described in subsection D of this section. Further, all land must remain debris free, such that it does not become a dumping site for grass clippings, garbage, dirt and any other substances that would directly alter the normal condition of the land and that would make adequate maintenance of said land difficult. Any violation of the aforementioned conditions and following issuance of a citation for said violation, the City may cause the land to be cleared and leveled to eradicate the improper condition of the land, with the expense for doing so becoming the responsibility of the landowner. (Ord. 2016-15, 8-22-2016)
   B.   Weed Inspector: A City authorized weed inspector(s) shall examine the lands, highways and public grounds for the purpose of ascertaining if the provisions of this section are being complied with, and if it is found that such is not the case, shall issue a notice in writing on a form to be prescribed by the Council to the owner(s) or occupant(s) requiring them to cut down, destroy or eradicate, within five (5) days, all noxious weeds which are growing or in danger of going to seed. If the owner is a nonresident of the City, then the occupant shall be deemed to be the owner's agent to receive any such notice.
   C.   Weed Cutting: Whenever any person(s) fails to comply with the notice served upon them, the City authorized weed inspector shall cause the same to be cut down, destroyed, cleared, leveled or eradicated at the expense of the owner of the property. The expense of maintenance of said land shall be billed directly to the landowner. Said notice shall be served by depositing a copy in the Post Office addressed to the owner at the address shown on the Real Estate Tax rolls of the County. If timely payment is not forthcoming from the landowner, the bill shall be assessed against the property as provided by law. (Ord. 2007-19, 9-4-2007)
   D.   Natural Lawns:
      1.   Any owner or occupant of land within the City may apply for approval of a land management plan for a natural lawn, one where the grasses and other growth may exceed eight inches (8") in height, provided that such land management plan shall provide that plantings shall be maintained so as not to present hazards to adjoining properties or to persons or vehicles traveling on the public ways, nor to present a hazard to structures on such affected land, and further, shall be maintained as to enhance the appearance of the property on which located. (Ord. 810, 10-15-1984)
      2.   "Land management plan" means a written plan relating to management of the lawn which contains a legal description of the lawn upon which the grass and other growth will exceed eight inches (8") in length, a statement of intent and purpose for the lawn, a general description of the vegetation types, plants, and plant succession involved, and the specific management and maintenance techniques to be employed. The management plan must include provisions for cutting at a length not greater than eight inches (8") the berm area, that portion between the sidewalk and the street or a strip not less than fifteen feet (15') adjacent to the street where there is no sidewalk and a strip not less than four feet (4') adjacent to neighboring property lines unless either waived by the abutting property owner on the side so affected, or by permitted boulevard plantings or rain gardens subject to provisions of subsection 8-4-31H of this Code. (Ord. 2018-10, 6-25-2018)
      3.   Each application of a land management plan shall be on a form provided by the City. A copy of the application shall be mailed by the applicant or given personally by the applicant to each of the owners of record, as listed in the Office of the City Assessor, who are owners of the property situated in whole or in part within two hundred feet (200') of the boundaries of the properties affected. The applicant shall certify, under oath, on a form to be furnished by the City that such owners have been duly notified and the manner in which they have been notified. If, within fifteen (15) days of receipt of a copy of the application, at least fifty one percent (51%) of such property owners file written objections to the application with the city, the application shall be referred to the planning commission for hearing and recommendation to the council.
      4.   The council shall receive the recommendation of the planning commission and shall have the power to approve or deny an application for a land management plan based upon the recommendations of the planning commission.
      5.   Notwithstanding the fact that approval shall be given for a land management plan, the city may order the cutting of such natural lawn at any time when it is determined that the growth has become so hazardous as to cause danger to the safety of the inhabitants of any residential structure on said property or to the citizens and residents of the neighborhood within which the land management plan has been approved.
      6.   The city shall have the right to further enforce the terms of this section in the same manner as subsections A, B and C of this section upon such notice to the owner or occupant of the property as required by those subsections, with the cost of enforcement of the order contained in said notice to be borne by the owner of the property. (Ord. 810, 10-15-1984)