The license mentioned in section 2-10-2 of this chapter shall be issued annually, January 1, by the city clerk after an inspection by a city official. The fee therefor shall be as established by the city's fee schedule and applicants shall fill in and sign an application form furnished by the city clerk. (Ord. 97-15, 8-18-1997; amd. Ord. 2007-30, 1-7-2008, eff. retroactive to 1-1-2008)
The city is authorized to promulgate regulations creating minimum standards for pet shops pertaining to the facilities for housing and maintenance of animals, requirements for feeding and watering animals, sanitary conditions for animals, disease control and medical care, record keeping requirements and minimum age requirements of animals to be sold, which regulations may be enforced by the city employees after they are approved by the city council. (Ord. 97-15, 8-18-1997)