A.   Payment of Fee: The fees required for any license or permit shall be paid at the office of the City Clerk before the granting of the license or permit. The City Clerk or authorized City staff shall issue a receipt for the fee and issue the license or permit to the applicant. Unless otherwise provided, no fee shall be prorated for a portion of a year, and no fee paid shall be refunded unless the license or permit is denied. (1967 Code §51.03)
   B.   Bond and Insurance: All required bonds shall be executed by a surety company, be reviewed as to form and substance by City staff, and be subject to the approval of the Mayor and Council as required by law. Where policies of insurance are required, such policies shall be approved as to substance and form by City staff. Satisfactory evidence of coverage by bond or insurance shall be filed with the City Clerk before the license or permit is issued. (1967 Code §51.04)