A.   The arts and culture commission is composed of individuals with expertise in a variety of performing, literary, or visual arts and/or creating and strengthening partnerships among the arts, business, culture and academic community within Moorhead.
   B.   The city council has determined it is in the best interests of the city to establish an arts and culture commission composed of up to seven (7) members composed of residents of the city of Moorhead. All commission members shall be residents of the city and shall be selected by appointment as hereinafter defined and subject to the confirmation of the city council. The seven (7) member commission will be composed of the following representation:
      1.   Four (4) members will represent each of Moorhead's four (4) wards. The two (2) city council members from each ward shall collectively appoint one member from the ward they represent;
      2.   Two (2) at large members appointed by the mayor and approved by the council; and
      3.   One mayor or council representative.
   C.   All members will be voting members serving three (3) year terms with a maximum of a two (2) term limit. In order to establish staggered terms, founding members representing ward 1, ward 3 and one at large member will be appointed to a three (3) year term and founding members representing ward 2, ward 4 and one at large member will be appointed to a two (2) year term. (Ord. 2015-15, 6-8-2015)