A.   Rendition Of Bills:
      1.   The Town may mail a bill for service to the consumer at the address at which service is taken or such other address as designated by the customer; however, the Town reserves the right to adopt other methods for delivery of bills.
      2.   Delivery is deemed to have taken place when, according to the Town's records, a bill or any notice containing billing or past due information has been properly delivered to the U.S. Postal System.
      3.   Failure to receive a bill in no way exempts a customer/consumer from liability for payment of services. (2011 Code § 19-109)
   B.   Late Payment Charge: There is hereby created a late charge for the delinquent payment of bills due the Town for sewer, trash, water and electricity charges. The penalty shall be ten percent (10%) of the total monthly sewer, trash, electricity and water bill, and the Town Clerk-Treasurer shall assess the late charge to all bills which are not paid on or before the tenth day from the billing date printed on the bill. The due date shall be no sooner than ten (10) days after the bill is mailed. (2011 Code §§ 19-82, 19-110)
   C.   Authority To Adjust Accounts: In cases of either an undercharge or an overcharge to a utility customer's account, the Town Board of Trustees hereby authorizes the Town Administrator and appointed Mooreland Public Works Authority Clerk to adjust a utility customer's account to reflect an accurate and correct account balance. (2011 Code § 1-39; amd. 2017 Code)