§ 50.60 RATES.
   (A)   Residential waste. Licensed haulers shall charge a customer for the collection of residential waste on the basis of the amount of residential waste, not separated for recycling, collected from such customer. This shall be accomplished by the licensed hauler charging each customer a standard fee for either:
      (1)   Each bag of residential waste collected, which fee shall be paid by the customer purchasing from the hauler a waste sticker which the customer shall place on each bag of waste to be collected; or
      (2)   A monthly fee for each waste tote based on the size of tote provided.
   (B)   Recyclable material. Licensed haulers shall not charge for collecting recyclable material that has been separated and placed by customer in approved containers, as provided for in § 50.30.
   (C)   Any items collected that will not fit in an approved container, as described in § 50.30, shall be charged for at the discretion of the hauler.
(Am. Ord. 2015-02, passed 1-26-2015; Am. Ord. 2019-13, passed 2-25-2019)