(A)   The City Manager or any person interested may petition Council to modify the urban renewal plan adopted for a project area. Such petition shall be in writing and shall state in detail the modification desired. Upon receipt of such petition, Council shall refer the same to the Planning Commission for its recommendation. The Commission shall review such modification and return the petition to Council, together with its recommendations.
   (B)   In the event the proposed modification contemplates an extension of the project area, the addition of a new type of urban renewal activity which requires the acquisition of property, or a change in zoning within the area, Council shall, before considering it, hold a public hearing thereon, at which an opportunity shall be provided for all persons interested to be heard, either in person or by counsel. Notice of such hearing shall be given in the manner prescribed in § 155.06. Council may either approve or reject the proposed modification by a majority vote. If the proposed modification is adopted by Council it shall become a part of the urban renewal plan
(Ord. 31-1988, passed 11-2-88)