For single-family attached and multi-family developments, Office, Office Commercial, Business, Old Montgomery Gateway, Old Montgomery Districts, and for non-residential conditional uses in residential districts, screening of accessory uses shall be provided according to the following:
   (A)   Trash Receptacles.  Trash receptacles shall be enclosed on all four sides by a wall or fence with a gate or landscaping that creates a continuous visual screen and matches or compliments the principal building. A chain link fence shall not be permitted. The screening shall have a minimum height of six feet or the height of the receptacle, whichever is greater. The gate shall be enclosed at all times, except during collection.
   (B)   Loading and Service Areas. Each loading area shall be screened along any perimeter that faces a street right-of-way or adjoining property according to the screening requirements of § 151.3406(C).
(Ord. 6-2010, passed 7-7-10; Am. Ord. 2-2014, passed 3-5-14)