Required yards and all other portions of the lot not covered by permitted structures shall be landscaped with grass, trees, shrubbery and/or other appropriate ground cover or landscaping material, which at all times shall be maintained in good and healthy condition.
   (A)   All screening shall be free of advertising or other signs, except for directional signs and other signs for the efficient flow of vehicles, consistent with Chapter 151.30.
   (B)   Trees and shrubs shall be arranged to create varied and attractive views and plant material should provide a variety of color displayed throughout the year.
   (C)   The required landscaping shall be maintained in healthy condition by the current owner and replaced when necessary. Replacement material shall conform to the original intent of the landscape plan.
   (D)   Vehicle parking shall not be permitted in landscaped areas and is restricted to paved surfaces.
   (E)   All interior landscaped areas shall have protective curbs along the edges to protect the landscaping from vehicles; however, the curbs shall be perforated or have caps or breaks to allow for stormwater runoff to pass through them, unless determined to be inappropriate by the City Engineer.
   (F)   Bioretention areas, rain gardens, filter strips and swales constructed to function as a stormwater best management practices shall be allowed in the required landscaped areas; however, the existence of a stormwater BMP does not eliminate the requirement for major shade trees as outlined in this section.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05; Am. Ord. 2-2009, passed 3-4-09)