§ 151.3404  DEFINITIONS.
   Terms related to required landscaping and screening shall have the following meanings:
   BERM. An earthen mound designed to provide visual interest, screen undesirable views, and/or decrease noise.
   CALIPER. The caliper of a tree shall be determined at 4½ feet from the ground, commonly known as Diameter at Breast Height (DBH).
   DECIDUOUS. A plant with foliage that is shed annually.
   EVERGREEN. A plant with foliage that persists and remains green year-round.
   ORNAMENTAL TREE. A deciduous tree planted primarily for its ornamental value or for screening purposes; tends to be smaller at maturity than a shade tree.
   SHADE TREE. A tree with foliage that usually sheds annually and is planted primarily for its high crown of foliage or overhead canopy. A shade tree must be a species that has a minimum height at maturity of at least 30 feet.
   SHRUB. A woody plant, smaller than a tree, consisting of several small stems from the ground or small branches near the ground.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)