(A)   Cohesive multi-structure developments are desirable and are strongly encouraged in the Old Montgomery Gateway District to enhance the existing urban features of the adjacent Heritage District and to present a more coordinated gateway to the city. Any site within the Old Montgomery Gateway District which is equal to or greater than two acres shall be required to be developed with multiple structures and a mix of uses.  Lots of two or more acres recorded as of the date of adoption of this chapter may not be subdivided into smaller lots to avoid this regulation.
   (B)   After a final site plan has been approved in accordance with Chapter 150.14, an applicant may subdivide the total development into separate parcels for tax billing purposes. The subdivided parcels shall remain subject to the approved development plan and shall not be considered as non-conforming lots or uses when developed under the approved plan. Any subsequent redevelopment of the subdivided lots must be consistent with the approved site plan and shall be considered as a modification to the approved plan subject to the review and approval process of Chapter 150.14, unless such modification is exempted as provided therein.
   (C)   When feasible multiple smaller lots (less than two acres) are encouraged to be consolidated and redeveloped under a single plan in a manner that is consistent with the standards of the OMG for multiple building developments.
(Ord. 7-2006, passed 4-19-06; Am. Ord. 9, 2018, passed 7-11-18)