§ 151.1501  PURPOSE.
   The Old Montgomery Gateway District (OMG) is established in order to impose specific design criteria for both rehabilitation and new construction projects within the Old Montgomery Gateway District of Montgomery. Therefore the purposes of this chapter are to:
   (A)   Ensure that new development in the Old Montgomery Gateway District shall conform to the city's general plans for the physical development of this district as embodied in the city's Gateway Area Plan.
   (B)   Guide development and redevelopment in the Old Montgomery Gateway District to protect and enhance the city's image.
   (C)   Ensure that new development and redevelopment respects the city's historic qualities and resources through thoughtful and compatible design.
   (D)   Provide the basis for consistency and objective decision-making by providing criteria and a review process to be used by the Zoning Administrator, Landmarks Commission, Planning Commission and City Council when evaluating proposed development.
   (E)   Provide standards for property owners, architects and contractors to aid in the preparation of appropriate plans.
   (F)   Increase public awareness of the value of good design in the gateway into the city.
   (G)   To create a more cohesive development pattern and density in the city’s OMG and Core.
   (H)   To strengthen the current historic district by promoting redevelopment in the OMG that enhances the visual and economic vitality of the downtown.
(Ord. 7-2006, passed 4-19-06; Am. Ord. 9, 2018, passed 7-11-18)