§ 151.1401  PURPOSE.
   The Heritage Overlay (H-O) District is established in order to set specific design criteria for both rehabilitation and new construction projects within the Heritage Overlay District in Montgomery.  Therefore, the purposes of this chapter are to:
   (A)   Guide development in the Heritage Overlay District to protect the valuable historic and architectural resources and 19th century character of the City of Montgomery.
   (B)   Ensure that new development and/or redevelopment respects the city's historic qualities and resources through compatible design.
   (C)   Provide the basis for consistent and objective decision making by providing criteria and a review process to be used by the Zoning Administrator, Landmarks Commission, Planning Commission and City Council when evaluating proposed development.
   (D)   Provide standards for property owners, architects and contractors to aid in the preparation of appropriate plans.
   (E)   Increase public awareness of the value of the historic resources and appropriate design.
(Ord. 5-2010, passed 7-7-10; Am. Ord. 5, 2020, passed 4-1-20)