§ 150.1801  PURPOSE.
   Procedures set forth in this Chapter regulate certain sites, buildings, structures, objects and works of art so as to allow a measure of protection afforded by a thorough study of alternatives to incompatible alterations or demolition before such acts are performed, so that the following objectives are reached:
   (A)   To safeguard the architectural integrity of the city's listed landmark properties.
   (B)   To safeguard the heritage of the city by preserving sites, buildings, structures, objects and works of art that reflect elements of the city's cultural social economic political or architectural heritage.
   (C)   To seek alternatives to demolition or incompatible alterations to listed properties before such acts are performed.
   (D)   To afford the widest possible scope of continuing vitality through private renewal and architectural creativity within appropriate controls and standards.
   (E)   To contribute to the economic, recreational, cultural and educational development of the City of Montgomery by:
      (1)   Protecting and enhancing the city's historic properties for existing and prospective residents, tourists, and visitors.
      (2)   Stabilizing and improving property values.
      (3)   Fostering civic pride in the beauty and notable accomplishments of the past.
      (4)   Promoting the use and preservation of historic and archaeological sites and structures for the education and general welfare of the people of Montgomery.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)