The Planning Commission shall review a development plan to determine if such application complies with the review criteria set forth below. The Planning Commission shall take into consideration the comments and recommendation of staff, consultants and the Landmarks Commissions when reviewing the application. In order to approve a general development plan, the Planning Commission shall determine that:
   (A)   The plan is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and the applicable regulations set forth in this Code.
   (B)   The appropriate use and value of property within and adjacent to the area will be safeguarded.
   (C)   The development will result in a harmonious grouping of buildings within the proposed development and in relationship to existing and proposed uses on adjacent property.
   (D)   The development will have adequate open spaces that meet the objectives of the Comprehensive Community Plan.
   (E)   The development will preserve and be sensitive to the natural characteristics of the site in a manner that complies with the applicable regulations set forth in this Code.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)