Development plans, both general and final, shall be reviewed and distributed according to the following procedures.
   (A)   Review for Completeness. The Zoning Administrator shall review the submitted applicationfor completeness and compliance with the applicable submission requirements. If the application is deemed insufficient, the Zoning Administrator shall notify the applicant of the deficiencies and place the application on hold until complete. When the application is determined complete and all applicable fees have been paid, the Zoning Administrator shall officially accept the application for consideration and place it on the Planning Commission's agenda.
   (B)   Distribution of Plans. Within 10 days after determining that an application is complete, the Zoning Administrator shall forward the application to the following for review and comment. Any reports, comments, or expert opinions shall be returned to the Zoning Administrator within 60 days from the date that the application is deemed complete.
      (1)   All applications shall be transmitted to the appropriate City departments and professional consultants;
      (2)   Applications for listed landmark properties or involving sites located in the Heritage Overlay District shall also be transmitted to the:
         (a)   Landmarks Consultant, who shall then transmit his or her comments directly to the Landmarks Commission prior to the Landmarks Commission's review of the proposal.
         (b)   Landmarks Commission, who shall consider the Landmarks Consultant's recommendations.
   (C)   Transmission to the Planning Commission. The Zoning Administrator shall distribute the application for development plan review and any reports prepared by the individuals in division (B) above to the Planning Commission.
   (D)   Notification to Property Owners. Prior to the Planning Commission's formal review of a development plan application, written notice shall be given by first class mail to the applicant and the property owners within 300 feet of the property on which the use is proposed. Such notification shall be sent to the names and addresses of such owners appearing on the County Auditor's current tax list. If the address appearing on the tax list is that of a lending institution or other person or entity clearly recognizable as not being the owner, then written notice shall be mailed to such institution, person or entity at the listed address and to the named owners at the street address of the property. Notices shall be made at least 7 days prior to the date of the Planning Commission meeting. Failure of delivery of such notice shall not invalidate action taken on such application. The Planning Commission may continue or defer its consideration and no further notice shall be required.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)