An application for general development plan review shall include a plan for the entire area of the proposed project. The application along with the application fee shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator. The application shall include the map, plan, and supplementary documentation itemized below. A sufficient number of copies of the following items, as determined by the Zoning Administrator, shall be submitted with the application.
   (A)   A vicinity map showing the relationship of the site to existing development and including existing property lines, easements, utilities, and street rights-of-way of the subject property and property within 200 feet of the site, and zoning district boundaries.
   (B)   Verification of availability of all utilities, including water, sanitary sewer, gas, electric etc.
   (C)   The general development plan shall be drawn to an appropriate scale and shall indicate:
      (1)   The location of all existing structures and access points.
      (2)   The general location of existing buildings, parking areas and access drives on parcels within 200 feet of the site.
      (3)   The general location of all proposed construction including buildings and structures, parking areas, and access points.
      (4)   The location of existing and proposed topography, water courses, existing flood plains, major vegetation features, and wooded areas;
      (5)   The general layout of the proposed internal road system, indicating the proposed vehicular right-of-way of all proposed public streets and pedestrian circulation.
   (D)   A summary table showing total acres of the proposed development, the number of acres devoted to each type of use including streets and common open space, and the number of proposed dwelling units by type;
   (E)   If the property is to be developed in phases, a proposed development schedule shall be prepared and the plan shall identify the separate phases of the project.
   (F)   Other documentation needed as deemed necessary by the Zoning Administrator to evaluate the general concept of the proposed development.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)