Review and approval of a general development plan and/or final development plan shall be conducted in compliance with the following prior to the issuance of a zoning certificate:
   (A)   General Development Plan. A general development plan that indicates the general concept of development for an entire site including the general location of use areas, open space and circulation pattern, shall be required for any project that includes phased development, which, at the option of the applicant, may run concurrent with the final development plan approval process. Applicants for other types of projects may but are not required to submit a general development plan.
   (B)   Final Development Plan. A final development plan that indicates, among other things, the exact location of buildings, landscaping, parking areas, access drives, signs, and outdoor storage areas shall be required for the following:
      (1)   All single-family residential developments not otherwise subject to the subdivision regulations.
      (2)   For any proposed development for which, according to division (A) above, a general development plan is required.
      (3)   New construction of all permitted uses in multi-family and business districts;
      (4)   New construction of all conditional uses;
      (5)   Any existing or previously approved development meeting the criteria of division (B)(2) through (B)(4) above that proposes to alter, reconstruct, or otherwise modify a use or site including expanding the floor area of the permitted use; increasing the number of dwelling units in a multi-family development; or changing the use which requires an increase in the amount of parking or a change in the site's circulation, unless exempt from development plan review pursuant to § 150.1405.
      (6)   Any development not otherwise exempted in this code.
(Ord. 5-2005, passed 3-23-05)