A person guilty of any of the following acts may be punished for contempt:
   (A)   Disobedience of, or resistance to, a lawful writ, process, order, rule, judgment, or command of a court or officer;
   (B)   Misbehavior of an officer of the court in the performance of official duties, or in official transactions;
   (C)   A failure to obey a subpoena duly served, or a refusal to be sworn or to answer as a witness, when lawfully required;
   (D)   The rescue or attempted rescue of a person or of property in the custody of an officer by virtue of an order or process of court held by the officer;
   (E)   A failure upon the part of a person recognized to appear as a witness in a court to appear in compliance with the terms of the person's recognizance;
   (F)   A failure to comply with an order issued pursuant to R.C. § 3109.19 or 3111.81;
   (G)   A failure to obey a subpoena issued by the Department of Job and Family Services or a child support enforcement agency pursuant to R.C. § 5101.37;
   (H)   A willful failure to submit to genetic testing, or a willful failure to submit a child to genetic testing, as required by an order for genetic testing issued under R.C. § 3111.41.
(R.C. § 2705.02)
   (I)   Whoever violates this section may be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than ten days or both.
(‘67 Code, § 135.06) (Ord. 2-1987, passed 1-7-87)