(A)   (1)   The Chief of Police, upon receipt of the notice from the County Sheriff or the Ohio Attorney General pursuant to R.C. § 2950.11, or the administrative regulations adopted under authority of R.C. § 2950.13 (hereinafter "2950 Notice"), in addition to any notice required under R.C. Chapter 2950 and any regulations adopted thereunder, shall provide a copy of the 2950 Notice to all residences located within a radius of one-quarter of a mile or three blocks, whichever is greater, of the address listed within the 2950 Notice of the residence of the sexual predator or habitual sex offender.  The Chief of Police shall send such notice within 72 hours of the receipt of the 2950 Notice from the County Sheriff or Ohio Attorney General.  The delivery of this notice may be accomplished by personal delivery to a principal adult occupant of the residences in the area described above, or by mailing a copy of the notice by ordinary U.S. Mail addressed to the owner or principal occupant of the residences in the affected areas as such owner or principal occupant is identified within the business records maintained by the Police Department.
      (2)   As a public record, the Chief of Police also is authorized to release a copy of the 2950 Notice to a newspaper in general circulation within the Montgomery community which regularly receives crime reports or statistics from the Police Department. 
   (B)   The procedure set forth herein is not intended to create a cause of action against any official, administrative officer, employee or agent of the city, nor is the procedure adopted herein intended in any way to impact the immunity extended to such persons pursuant to R.C. § 2950.12.  Such statutory immunity is reserved to all protected individuals and organizations as outlined in R.C. § 2950.12 or successor statute.  As a public record subject to publication and disclosure, this section is intended to provide a procedure for effectively disseminating the public information provided to the Police Department concerning sexual predators or habitual sex offenders residing within the community. The procedure adopted herein is intended to ensure appropriate public safety, and it is not intended to create any obligation upon the Police Department nor any official or employee of the city to disseminate such information or to create liability for the failure to disseminate such information in a timely and complete manner.
(Ord. 2-2001, passed 2-7-01)