Council shall cause each ordinance and resolution that it passes to be published, either in full or by title and summary, once in a newspaper of general circulation within the City or by posting a copy of such legislative action in a conspicuous public place, which place shall be designated from time to time by Council. Ordinances adopting or incorporating by reference uniform or model codes may be published by title only. Such publication shall include a reference to the fact that a complete copy of the ordinance, including uniform or model codes if pertinent, is on file in the office of the custodian of the Council records and available for public inspection. The custodian of the Council records shall enter on the record of ordinances a certificate stating the manner by which publication occurred and on what dates such publication was made. A failure to publish or omission, delay, or error in said publication on the part of the newspaper, its officers, employees, or agents, shall not cause such ordinance or resolution to be declared invalid or otherwise affect the validity of such ordinance or resolution, and in such event the Council may authorize publication at a later date.