The Parks and Recreation Commission shall consist of seven (7) members. The members shall be appointed by Council to serve three (3) year staggered terms commencing February 1 of the appropriate year of appointment. The membership may include non-residents as determined by Council. Vacancies to the Commission shall be filled by Council for the unexpired term in the manner in which original appointments were made.
   The Commission shall provide advice and assistance to the Administration regarding the development and operation of the parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities and programs for the City. It shall render assistance to and cooperate with organized groups conducting recreation programs, make recommendations to Council on the general state of the City's recreation and park programs and facilities, and perform such other duties and functions as the Council may require by ordinance.
   The Parks and Recreation Commission shall hold regularly scheduled meetings at announced times. The quorum shall be four (4) members. At its first meeting each February it shall organize, selecting its Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Commission shall establish its own Rules of Procedure and it shall keep a record of its proceedings in all matters coming before it.
   With the adoption of these amendments to the Charter in the year 2002, all current Commissioner's offices shall be extended from December 31 of the year the term is scheduled to end until January 31 of the following year to extend the current offices to meet the amended schedule of appointments.