Council shall hold not less than one regular meeting each calendar month at such place and at such times as shall be established by Council. Special meetings may be called by the presiding officer of Council or by any three members of Council by notice given to each member of Council personally, or by written notice left at the residence of each member at least 24 hours in advance of the time of such special meeting. The presiding officer, or three members of Council, who choose to call a special meeting must also give written notice of the time and place of such special meeting to the Clerk of Council during the regular business hours of the office of the Clerk of Council to enable the Clerk to provide appropriate public notice of such meeting. In the event it is necessary to call a special meeting of Council in an emergency and timely advance notice cannot be given to the members of Council or the office of the Clerk of Council, the Council convening in such circumstances by a vote of five of its seven members may waive such advance written notice and proceed with the regular business of Council. In such an emergency Council cannot waive its responsibilities to provide advance public notice of such meeting and the presiding officer shall be responsible to see that such advance public notice is appropriately given. Notice need not be given if a special meeting is announced at a prior meeting.
   All regular and special meetings of Council, its committees or City commissions, shall be open to the public. Council, its committees or City commissions, may hold Executive Sessions at a regular or special session as permitted by Revised Code § 121.22 or similar state statute governing meetings of public bodies.
   Council shall adopt its own Rules of Procedure from time to time.
(Amended 3-7-00)