Section 3.08. Signing And Publication Of Ordinances And Resolutions.
Every ordinance or resolution passed by the council shall be signed by the president of the council and attested by the city clerk, and shall be filed with the city clerk and by him recorded and preserved. Every ordinance, except emergency ordinances, shall, before it takes effect, forthwith be presented to the mayor for his approval. If he approves he shall sign the same, but if he disapproves it, he shall return it to the city council with his objections thereto, by depositing the same with the city clerk, to be presented to the city council at the next regular meeting, and if the same shall not be returned to him before the next regular meeting of the city council after it shall have been presented to him, it shall have the same force and effect as if approved by him. Upon the return of any ordinance by the mayor, without his approval, the city council may at the next regular meeting thereof pass the same by the affirmative vote of all five members, and it shall have the same effect as if approved by the mayor. Every ordinance except emergency ordinances shall be published once in the official paper of the city within fifteen days after its approval by the mayor or after its passage by the council over the veto of the mayor, and shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose, which record shall be attested by the city clerk.