12-1-2: PURPOSE:
In order to safeguard the best interests of the City and to assist the subdivider in harmonizing his or her interests with those of the City at large, the following rules and regulations are adopted in order that adherence to same will bring results beneficial to both parties. Because each new subdivision becomes a permanent unit in the basic unit structure of the expanding community, and to which the community will be forced to adhere, and because piecemeal planning of subdivisions will bring an undesirable disconnected patchwork of pattern and poor circulation of traffic unless its design and arrangement is correlated to a Comprehensive Plan of the City aiming at a unified scheme of community interests, all subdivision of land hereafter submitted for approval to the Planning Commission shall, in all respects, fully comply with the regulations hereinafter set forth in this Title. It is the purpose of this Title to make certain regulations and requirements for the platting of land within the City pursuant to the authority contained in Minnesota Statutes chapters 429, 471, 505 and section 462.358, which regulations the Council deems necessary for the health, safety and general welfare of this community. (Ord. 470, 2-18-1975)