10-2-7: PENALTY:
   A.   The city council, by resolution, may establish administrative penalties for failure to correct housing violations and failure to register.
   B.   In addition to any administrative fines, any violation of this chapter is a misdemeanor and is subject to all penalties provided for such violations.
   C.   It is a misdemeanor for any person to prevent, delay or provide false information to any city official, or his/her representative, while they are engaging in the performance of their duties as set forth in this chapter.
   D.   In addition to bringing criminal charges for violation of this chapter, the city of Montevideo may seek a civil injunction against any licensee or occupant who violates any terms of this chapter.
   E.   All applicants must include in any lease (written or oral) a copy of this chapter and must further advise all tenants that a violation of this chapter by the applicant (landlord) or any occupant of the premises could result in termination or revocation of the rental license and immediate eviction of all tenants. (Ord. 856, 12-19-2005)