A.   Whenever it is determined that any property upon inspection fails to meet the requirements set forth in this chapter or in applicable rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto, a notice shall be issued to property owner(s). The notice shall state the violation, the action required to correct the violation, the time period to correct the violation, that unless the violation is corrected, the registration will be revoked, and the method to appeal the determination. The notice shall be sent to the owner and any agent by first class mail at the address provided in the registration. The property owner(s) by order of the notice shall be given a certain period of time for the correction of any alleged violation and, upon expiration of said time period, the Montevideo building inspector shall reinspect the property. If, upon reinspection, the violations are determined not to have been corrected, the city shall issue a notice to the property owner(s) or designated representative informing them that: 1) the registration is revoked; 2) legal proceedings for the immediate correction of the alleged violations may be initiated; and/or 3) if necessary to protect the public health, safety or welfare, an order may be issued that the property be vacated within thirty (30) days. In addition, administrative fines may be imposed upon the property owner(s).
   B.   The failure of any owner to comply with the requirements of this chapter regarding registration, the undertaking of repairs necessary to correct alleged violations to this chapter, and the payment of any penalties assessed may be referred to the city attorney of the city of Montevideo for appropriate legal action. (Ord. 856, 12-19-2005)