Any person who hereafter demolishes a building shall conform with the provisions of this section:
   A.   Definition: "Demolition of a building" shall mean the destruction, razing or removal of any building or structure of any kind without replacing a building or structure on the same location.
   B.   Removal Of Debris: Any person who demolishes a building shall remove all debris from the premises, shall remove foundations, fill any hole with gravel and/or dirt to the original grade of the premises, and seed or sod the site and shall remove all submerged tanks located on the premises. (Ord. 699, 2-18-1992)
   C.   Utilities: Such person shall disconnect all utilities to the demolished building. The water and sewer connections shall be disconnected at a location and in a method approved by the utilities superintendent. (Ord. 885, 11-17-2008)
   D.   Demolition Permit: Prior to starting such demolition, the property owner shall obtain a demolition permit from the building official and pay the fee therefor, which fee shall be set by resolution of the city council.
   E.   Exceptions:
      1.   The city council may grant an exception to the strict application of the provisions of this section without a public hearing. The city council shall grant an exception in the following situations:
         a.   Where the lot on which the demolition takes place is not buildable;
         b.   Where an adjoining property owner or owners purchase the lot on which the demolition takes place to add to an existing lot or lots;
         c.   Where the lot on which the demolition takes place will be redeveloped within one year from the date of the demolition and the undemolished or unremoved portions of the building will be used in the redevelopment.
      2.   The city council may grant an exception in other situations of hardship. In considering such an exception, the council shall consider the health, safety, convenience and welfare of the neighborhood and the general public, and the impact on the property involved. The council may designate conditions and require guaranties in the granting of any such exception.
   F.   Recording: Any exception shall be recorded at the office of the county recorder in which the premises are located. The property owner shall pay the recording fee to the city prior to the issuance of the permit. (Ord. 699, 2-18-1992)