A.   Company may not abandon the system or any portion thereof without having first given six (6) months' notice to city.
   B.   Unless service is discontinued for cause, if company fails to provide continuous gas utility service to any group of customers, for any reason within the company's reasonable control, including, but not limited to, insolvency or due to a dispute with its gas source(s) or gas transporters, that the commission deems to be a failure of service, the company hereby agrees that the city and affected customers may be irreparably harmed and that the city may take emergency action as necessary, in any court or administrative agency of competent jurisdiction. In that event, company shall cooperate and do all things within its control to restore service or allow the city to step in or retain third parties to step in to restore safe and reliable service to the affected customers with adequate compensation to company for services provided by the company and for the use of its facilities. (Ord. 922, 11-5-2012)