In addition to all other rights which the city has pursuant to law or equity, city reserves the right to commence proceedings to revoke, terminate or cancel this franchise subject to the procedures set forth in section 9-3-16 of this chapter, and all rights and privileges pertaining thereto, if the commission determines to the city that:
   A.   Company has violated a material provision(s) of this franchise; or
   B.   Company has attempted to evade any of the material provisions of the franchise; or
   C.   Company has practiced fraud or deceit upon city;
   D.   The company fails to provide continuous natural gas service for any reason within its reasonable control, specifically including, but not limited to, company insolvency or other circumstance, other than excused by force majeure, that render the company unable to provide services to customers in the city. (Ord. 922, 11-5-2012)