A.   Additions Of Territory: In case any additions of territory are made to the city, company shall serve all inhabitants of such additional territory in the same manner and on the same terms as those of the territory now within its limits. In the event that such additional service requires extension of the gas facilities, such extensions shall be subject to the provisions of the applicable rate schedules and general terms attached to the rate schedules as filed by the company with the Minnesota public utilities commission, all of which are by reference made part of this franchise. Should said extension of gas facilities be deemed by the company as not economically feasible, company shall allow a third party to make a contribution in aid of construction in the amount of the difference in cost between the total project cost and the amount that is determined to be financially feasible by the company. This contribution in aid of construction shall not constitute an ownership position of the gas facilities by the contributing third party. Failure on the part of the company to allow a third party to make such a contribution may be considered a default in the performance hereof, subject to subsection 9-3-2F of this chapter. (Ord. 922, 11-5-2012)