A.   Provisions Of State Law Adopted: The provisions of Minnesota Statutes sections 444.16 through 444.21 relating to storm sewer improvement districts are adopted and made a part of this Section as if set out in full.
   B.   Creation: A storm sewer improvement tax district is hereby established for the purpose of assessing the costs of major storm sewer improvement programs. The City storm sewer improvement district shall consist of all property within the corporate limits of the City as the same may be located from time to time.
   C.   Assessments: Assessments for any storm sewer improvements which are assessed to the City storm sewer improvement district shall be assessed to all property within the boundaries of the district on an ad valorem basis. Any such special assessments shall be levied and collected as provided by Section 8-1-1 of this Chapter. (Ord. 599, 4-18-1983)