A.   Safeguards And Warning Lights Required: The clerk, with the approval of the city manager, is authorized to grant permission in writing, to place and keep upon any street, alley or sidewalk in the city, building material, for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days, when such materials are to be used in the construction of a new building, or in the repair of an old building; but such permission shall not authorize the obstruction of more than one- half (1/2) the width of the sidewalk or more than fifteen feet (15') in width of the street opposite the lot in which such building material is to be used. Provided, that no material shall be placed upon the sidewalk which will break or injure the same; provided, further, that the person to whom such permission is granted shall erect and maintain during the period of such permit, proper and sufficient safeguards and warning lights, and such material shall in no case be placed so as to obstruct the free flow of water in the street gutters. Such permission may be revoked by the city manager at any time.
   B.   Sidewalks Returned To Original Condition: Every person to whom permission is granted herein, before the expiration of the time for which such permission was granted, shall cause all building material and rubbish arising therefrom to be removed from the place occupied and shall also immediately repair and put in as good condition as before any sidewalk, street, or alley that may have been injured by such person. (Ch. 34; amd. 1998 Code)