A.   Necessity: The city council hereby finds that heavy traffic by vehicles in excess of five (5) tons per axle is causing extensive damage to the city streets resulting in inconvenience and expense to the general public, and that in order to preserve the streets of the city for public use, it is necessary to restrict their use as hereinafter provided.
   B.   Certain Vehicles Prohibited On City Streets: Except as otherwise provided in this section, no vehicle with a gross weight of more than five (5) tons per axle shall be driven or parked upon any street within the city limits.
   C.   Exceptions: This section shall not apply to state or county highways nor to any street designated by a sign as a truck route, and it shall not apply to school buses, garbage trucks or public utility vehicles when travel on the streets is required in connection with providing service, and in cases of emergency or for purposes of making deliveries or providing service, permission for temporary use of a street may be granted by the city manager or chief of police. (Ord. 552, 7-22-1980)
   D.   Substandard Streets: On streets designated by the city council as substandard in size, shape or form, subject to exceptions allowed in subsection C of this section, no motor trucks, truck trailers, tractors or other commercial vehicles exceeding one and one-half (11/2) tons' capacity will be allowed. The following streets are designated as substandard:
Ord. No.
Coleman Avenue (narrow right of way)
Entire length
(Ord. 901, 9-7-2010)