(A)   Definitions.
      (1)   SMOKING shall mean the use or possession of a lighted cigarette, lighted cigar, lighted pipe, or any other lighted tobacco product.
   (B)   Smoking prohibited on municipal property. It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke on the property of the City of Monroe including any building or facility or portion of a building or on the grounds of any facility now or hereafter owned, leased, operated, occupied, managed or controlled by the City of Monroe including parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas except:
      (1)   Any street, sidewalk, parking lot or public vehicular area which is not located on the same property containing a city owned, leased or occupied building, structure or facility;
      (2)   Monroe Country Club Golf Course and adjacent parking lots only;
      (3)   During the normal course of conducting an interrogation by police or law enforcement officers.
   (C)   City events. Smoking is prohibited within identified event areas during city or Monroe Tourism Development Authority events such as Main Street Live, Music on Main, and Christmas Tree Lighting, and the like. Smoking is prohibited on streets and sidewalks within the identified event area.
   (D)   Main Street Plaza. Smoking is allowed within the Main Street Plaza except during city events held on the plaza. During such events, smoking is prohibited within the identified event area.
   (E)   Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport. Smoking is prohibited on property of the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport except for parking lots outside the airport fence and within privately leased hangars excluding bulk hangars and T-hangars unless otherwise prohibited by law.
   (F)   Walter Bickett Stadium. Smoking is prohibited in the Walter Bickett Stadium parking lot owned by the City of Monroe.
   (G)   Smoking regulated in municipal vehicles. It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke in any vehicle now or hereafter owned or leased by the city.
   (H)   Penalty. Violation of this section shall constitute an infraction punishable in accordance with G.S. § 130A-498(c1), (d1), (s2).
(Ord. O-2012-05, passed 2-7-12)