(A)   All areas of the airport, including those areas designated as Public Aircraft Facilities, are restricted and prior permission for access must be given by the Airport Manager, or designee. Individuals that are exempt from requiring prior permission include:
      (1)   Persons assigned to duty therein;
      (2)   Authorized representatives of the FAA, or the N.C. Department of Transportation;
      (3)   Passengers under appropriate supervision, entering the air operations area for the purpose enplaning and deplaning;
      (4)   Business representative in the conduct of their business with the Airport's lessees;
      (5)   Aircraft Owners or Renters and/or their authorized representatives; and
      (6)   Members/employees of the City of Monroe.
   (B)   Any permission granted directly or indirectly by the Airport Manager, expressly or by implication, to any person or persons, to enter upon or use the airport or any part thereof is conditioned upon compliance with these rules and regulations. No person shall enter any restricted area of the Airport posted as being closed to the public without permission except persons authorized by the Airport Manager, or his designated representative. The Airport Manager reserves the right to determine who is required to obtain identification badges.
   (C)   It is the responsibility of every individual that has unescorted access to the Airport to promptly report the sighting of a person without proper escort who attempts to enter the Airport and who is not displaying valid identification that would allow that person access to the area to Airport employees as soon as possible.
   (D)   The Airport Manager shall have authority to rescind or deny the use of the Airport to any person, pilot or aircraft violating the rules and regulations of the United States, Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, applicable airport grant assurances, State and local laws and these Rules and regulations.
   (E)   Each vehicle operator using an airport perimeter (security) gate shall ensure the gate closes behind the vehicle prior to leaving the vicinity of the gate. The vehicle operator shall also ensure no unauthorized vehicles or persons gain access to the AOA while the gate is open.
(Ord. O-2019-09, passed 3-5-19)