(A)   Any person who has been assessed a civil penalty for a violation of this article may request a hearing with the Engineering Director or her designee. Such request must be made in writing, filed with the Engineering Director or her designee within 30 days of the notice of violation, and state the reasons why the civil penalty should not have been assessed. Failure to request a hearing in the time and manner specified shall constitute a waiver of the right to contest the penalty.
   (B)   A person requesting a hearing must post a bond equal to the amount of the civil penalty before an appeal hearing will be scheduled. Once the bond is posted, the hearing will be scheduled within 15 business days.
   (C)   The Engineering Director or her designee shall serve as the hearing officer. Any person against whom a decision of the hearing officer is made may seek judicial review of the decision by filing a written petition within 30 calendar days after receipt of the notice of the decision, but not thereafter, with the superior court of the county. The proceedings in superior court shall be in the nature of certiorari.
(Ord. O-2016-16, passed 9-6-16; Am. Ord. O2018-31, passed 8-21-18)