(A)   Dead animals. The city will collect small dead animals and wildlife from the city rights-of-way. Owners of dead poultry and livestock will be responsible for their removal and disposal.
   (B)   Ashes. It shall be unlawful to place live coals in any containers. Ashes and coals may be collected after they have been wetted, are cool to the touch, and have been enclosed in plastic bags that are securely tied.
   (C)   Contagious disease material. It shall be unlawful to remove or discard clothing, bedding, mattresses, springs, or other solid waste from homes or other places where highly infectious diseases have occurred unless performed under the supervision and direction of the Environmental Health Department. Such solid waste shall not be placed in rollout containers or at curbside for collection and disposal by the city and/or its contractor.
   (D)   Hypodermic instruments. It shall be unlawful for any person to dispose of or discard any hypodermic syringe, hypodermic needle or any instrument or device for making hypodermic injections before first breaking, disassembling, destroying or otherwise rendering inoperable and incapable of reuse without safeguarding the disposal thereof by placing in a secure container so as to avoid the possibility of causing injury to the collection personnel.
   (E)   Hazardous waste. It shall be unlawful to place hazardous waste in any container for disposal except as follows:
      (1)   Paint cans shall have lids removed and contain no wet paint. Kitty litter or sand may be added to solidify material for collection.
      (2)   Soiled kitty litter shall be enclosed in double plastic bags and securely tied prior to placing the bag in rollout cart at curbside for disposal.
   (F)   Civil penalty. A civil penalty in the amount of $50 may be issued to any person in violation of this section.
(Ord. O-2012-23, passed 10-2-12; Am. Ord. O-2015-08, passed 6-2-15) Penalty, see § 55.15