(A)   Carts may be driven on roads only from dawn to dusk unless the cart is equipped with two operating headlights (one on each side of the front of the golf cart) and two operating tail lights with brake lights (one on each side of the rear of the cart) which are visible from a distance of 500 feet.
   (B)   Carts must be equipped with rear vision mirror and a rear triangle reflector of the same type required by North Carolina law.
   (C)   Carts must be equipped with seatbelts for the number of persons whom individual seating is installed and provided by the cart and each occupant shall have a seatbelt properly fastened about his or her body at all times the cart is in motion.
   (D)   Cart drivers must have a valid driver license in their name, and must be 16 years of age or older.
   (E)   Cart drivers will stay to the far right of the traveled portion of the road and yield the right-of-way to overtaking vehicles.
   (F)   The number of occupants in a golf cart shall be limited to the number of persons for whom individual seating is installed and provided on the golf cart. The operator and all occupants shall be seated in the golf cart and no part of the body of the operator or occupant shall extend outside the perimeter of the golf cart while the golf cart is in motion.
   (G)   All applicable state laws shall be adhered to, including the possession and use of alcoholic beverages.
   (H)   The operator of the golf cart shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations adopted by the State of North Carolina and the City of Monroe which govern the operation of motor vehicles.
   (I)   Carts will adhere to all traffic flow patterns, and will operate on the right side of the roadway.
   (J)   Carts shall not be operated on sidewalks.
   (K)   Carts shall not be operated on private property, without the permission and consent of the property owner.
   (L)   Carts shall not be operated on any street or road within the city unless expressly authorized by city ordinance.
(Ord. O-2010-06, passed 4-20-10)  Penalty, see § 78.99