§ 159.205  APPROVALS.
   (A)   Effect of approval.  Approval authorizes the applicant to go forward with only the specific plans and activities authorized in the permit. The approval shall not be construed to exempt the applicant from obtaining other applicable approvals from local, state, and federal authorities.
   (B)   Time limit/expiration. 
      (1)   An approved plan shall become null and void if the applicant fails to make substantial progress on the site within one year after the date of approval. The Stormwater Administrator may grant a single, one-year extension of this time limit, for good cause shown, upon receiving a written request from the applicant before the expiration of the approved plan.
      (2)   In granting an extension, the Stormwater Administrator may require compliance with standards adopted since the original application was submitted unless there has been substantial reliance on the original permit and the change in standards would infringe the applicant's vested rights.
(Ord. O-2007-24, passed 9-18-07)