(A)   Concept plan and consultation meeting.
      (1)   Before a stormwater management permit application is submitted, the Stormwater Administrator or developer may request a consultation on a concept plan for the post-construction stormwater management system to be utilized in the proposed development project. This consultation meeting should take place at the time of the preliminary plan of subdivision or other early step in the development process. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the post-construction stormwater management measures necessary for the proposed project, as well as to discuss and assess constraints, opportunities and potential approaches to stormwater management designs before formal site design engineering is commenced.
      (2)   To accomplish this goal, the following information should be included in the concept plan, which should be submitted in advance of the meeting:
         (a)   Existing conditions/proposed site plans. Existing conditions and proposed site layout sketch plans, which illustrate at a minimum: existing and proposed topography; perennial and intermittent streams; mapping of predominant soils from soil surveys (if available); boundaries of existing predominant vegetation; proposed limits of clearing and grading; and location of existing and proposed roads, buildings, parking areas and other impervious surfaces.
         (b)   Natural resources inventory.  A written or graphic inventory of natural resources at the site and surrounding area as it exists prior to the commencement of the project. This description should include a discussion of soil conditions, forest cover, geologic features, topography, wetlands, and native vegetative areas on the site, as well as the location and boundaries of other natural feature protection and conservation areas such as lakes, ponds, floodplains, stream buffers and other setbacks (e.g., drinking water well setbacks, septic setbacks, etc.). Particular attention should be paid to environmentally sensitive features that provide particular opportunities or constraints for development and stormwater management.
         (c)   Stormwater management system concept plan.  A written or graphic concept plan of the proposed post-development stormwater management system including: preliminary selection and location of proposed structural stormwater controls; low-impact design elements; location of existing and proposed conveyance systems such as grass channels, swales, and storm drains; flow paths; location of floodplain/floodway limits; relationship of site to upstream and downstream properties and drainages; and preliminary location of any proposed stream channel modifications, such as bridge or culvert crossings.
   (B)   Stormwater management permit application.  The stormwater management permit application shall detail how post-development stormwater runoff will be controlled and managed and how the proposed project will meet the requirements of §§ 159.30 through 159.308. All such plans shall be prepared by a qualified registered North Carolina professional engineer, surveyor, soil scientist or landscape architect, and the engineer, surveyor, soil scientist or landscape architect shall perform services only in their area of competence, and shall verify that the design of all stormwater management facilities and practices meets the submittal requirements for complete applications, that the designs and plans are sufficient to comply with applicable standards and policies found in the Design Manual, and that the designs and plans ensure compliance with this Ordinance.
      (1)   The submittal shall include all of the information required in the submittal checklist established by the Stormwater Administrator. Incomplete submittals shall be treated pursuant to § 159.202(D).
   (C)   As-built plans and final approval. 
      (1)   Upon completion of a project, and before a certificate of occupancy shall be granted, the applicant shall certify that the completed project is in accordance with the approved stormwater management plans and designs, and shall submit actual "as built" plans for all stormwater management facilities or practices after final construction is completed.
      (2)   The plans shall show the final design specifications for all stormwater  management facilities and practices and the field location, size, depth, and planted vegetation of all measures, controls, and devices, as installed. The designer of the stormwater management measures and plans shall certify, under seal, that the as-built stormwater measures, controls, and devices are in compliance with the approved stormwater management plans and designs and with the requirements of this Ordinance. A final inspection and approval by the Stormwater Administrator shall occur before the release of any performance securities.
   (D)   Other permits. No certificate of compliance or occupancy shall be issued by the City of Monroe Permitting Center without final as-built plans and a final inspection and approval by the Stormwater Administrator, except where multiple units are served by the stormwater practice or facilities, in which case the City of Monroe may elect to withhold a percentage of permits or certificates of occupancy until as-built plans are submitted and final inspection and approval has occurred.
(Ord. O-2007-24, passed 9-18-07)