§ 159.102  AUTHORITY.
   The City Council is authorized to adopt this Ordinance pursuant to North Carolina law, including but not limited to Article 14, Section 5 of the Constitution of North Carolina; North Carolina General Statutes: Chapter 15-27.2. (Warrants to conduct inspections authorized by law), Chapter 143-214.5 (Water supply watershed protection), Chapter 143-214.7 (Stormwater runoff rules and programs) and rules promulgated by the Environmental Management Commission thereunder; Session Law 2006-246 (Phase II Stormwater Management); Chapter 160A, §§ 174, 175 & 185 (General ordinance-making power, Enforcement of ordinance $ Emission of pollutants or contaminants.)
(Ord. O-2007-24, passed 9-18-07)