(A)   Whenever the City of Monroe Erosion Control Specialist has reasonable cause to believe that any person is violating or threatening to violate this ordinance or any term, condition, or provision of an approved plan, he or she may, either before or after the institution of any other action or proceeding authorized by this ordinance, institute a civil action for injunctive relief to restrain the violation or threatened violation.  The action shall be brought in the General Court of Justice of Union County.
   (B)   Upon determination by a court that an alleged violation is occurring or is threatened, the court shall enter any order of judgment that is necessary to abate the violation, to ensure that restoration is performed, or to prevent the threatened violation.  The institution of an action for injunctive relief under this section shall not relieve any party to the proceedings from any civil or criminal penalty prescribed for violations of this ordinance.
(Ord. O-2002-18, passed 4-2-02)