(A)   All uncovered areas existing on the effective date of this ordinance which resulted from land-disturbing activity which exceed one acre of land, that are subject to continued accelerated erosion and are causing off-site damage from sedimentation, shall be provided with a ground cover or other protective measures, structures, or devices sufficient to restrain accelerated erosion and control off-site sedimentation.
   (B)   The City of Monroe Erosion Control Specialist will serve upon the landowner or other person in possession or control of that land a written notice of violation by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, or other means reasonably calculated to give actual notice.  The notice will set forth the measures needed to comply, and will state the time within which such measures must be completed.  In determining the measures required and the time allowed for compliance, the Erosion Control Specialist shall take into consideration the economic feasibility, technology, and quantity of work required,and shall set reasonable and attainable time limits of compliance.
   (C)   The City of Monroe Erosion Control Specialist reserves the right to require preparation and approval of a plan in any instance where extensive control measures are required.
(Ord. O-2002-18, passed 4-2-02)